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Startup Fundraising

VCs Intro Emails

Raising capital for your startup is key to your success and growth.

Fundraising process is a daunting process for most entrepreneurs. You can increase, however, your odds of top VCs backing you. With some structure in your fundraising process you will reach many VCs and land smart capital!

I explained the whole process at my Looking Ahead Channel.

The email templates will help you:

  • Organize your thoughts to get others excited about your idea.

  • Get others engaged with you and your startup.

  • Get VCs interested in your startup and eventually fund you.

VC intro email template - landing page image.png

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Relevant Resources

Startup Fundraising
Venture Updates Email

Ready to use email template to share you startup updates with VCs and advisors.

Venture updates email template - landing page image.png

5 steps to land VCs funding 
in-depth startup fundraising guide

A step-by-step framework for effective startup fundraising. Downloadable resources included!

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