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I'm passionate about bridging the gap between machine intelligence and human productivity.

Mohamed’s life work is about how technology can bring a new perspective about our productivity and abilities to innovate.

Mohamed is an Egyptian-American engineer, entrepreneur, and thought leader who lives in the capital of the clouds, Seattle Washington :) He is on a mission to bring intelligence to how we build and operate complex software systems. He is the co-founder and CEO of Magalix, a startup on a mission to build AI-powered systems to optimize and secure modern cloud-based systems. 

Mohamed got his PhD from university of Connecticut in high-performance computing. He developed various techniques to maximize the efficiency of supercomputers running millions of cores and solving complex scientific problems. He published numerous peer-reviewed papers in performance engineering of heterogeneous processors for high-precisions computational sciences. 

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Prior to founding Magalix, Mohamed worked at leading technology companies, such as Microsoft and Amazon to redefine large scale IT infrastructure, aka cloud computing. He contributed to multiple product developments and worked closely with teams to make such a complex technology affordable to companies and teams that innovate through software.  

Mohamed is extremely passionate about bridging the gap between machine intelligence and human productivity, including helping engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists to advocate for their AI-driven software systems. He considers his Looking-Ahead podcast as a platform for others to clarify misconceptions about how AI can accelerate our progress building smart software systems. 

Mohamed has a vision of a world where software systems have that higher-level awareness of what we want to achieve. He believes in pushing the limits so that people can reach their full potential. 

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