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Nobody has to settle for mediocrity; that's why I'm determined that everyone must reach their highest potential!

Mo knows this mantra well; he launched startups from just an inkling of possibility into multi-million dollar businesses before selling them off!

Mo is a Seattle-based engineer, entrepreneur, and investor on an ambitious mission to empower startups' success - because no idea should be too small for its enormous potential. Mo knows this mantra well; he launched Magalix from just an inkling of possibility into a multi-million dollar business before selling it off! His ambition has spread far and wide, helping countless other enterprises unlock their true capacity with venture capital-raising magic. 

Not content with just knowing things, Mo wanted to create them. So he took his computing talents to UConn for a Ph.D., becoming an expert in how best to use millions of processors and work out intricate scientific issues quickly and accurately. Having developed some state-of-the-art algorithms and systems, it's no surprise that many peer-reviewed papers bear witness to Mo's authority in high-performance computing!

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Mo has taken bold, innovative strides to revolutionize world-class IT infrastructure. From Microsoft and Amazon to his venture at Magalix, he's constantly pushing the envelope of technology delivery with one focal point: making robust cloud solutions accessible for everyone.

Mo is on a mission to bring machine intelligence and modern infrastructure systems together, empowering engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists alike as they boldly pursue their wildest startup ideas. Through his fan-favorite Looking Ahead podcast platform, he's showing the world that you can make an impact with enough passion and relentless trial - however crazy your idea may seem at first!

Mo is on a mission to create an enlightened world where software systems align with our ambitions and desires. With his vision - nobody has to settle for mediocrity; he is determined that everyone can reach their highest potential!

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