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F. Ahmed 

Starting with a friendly chat is a good strategy, even if you are just exploring options for your company and career.  

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True leaders have the desire to push forward and learn something new every day. Let me share with you in a short meeting my guiding principles that helped me take off my career and own company. 

Book a 30min zoom meeting with me to discuss what's holding you and your team back from reaching their full potential. We will find ways to make your team smarter, agile, and innovative using a combination of the right mindset, technology, and processes.

I will go over a 10 point checklist to see where you are strong and see where there are opportunities for growth and how to get there.  


I developed a process I call the Proactive Process for achieving exponential growth with three main building blocks: (1) Having the right mindset for solving problems (2) Redefining team efficiency  (3) Opening your mind to emerging smart tools and technologies.  


When these three steps are implemented, adopted, and customized correctly, you see transformation benefits such as…

  • Creating a direct path to the exponential growth trajectory 

  • Giving your team more meaningful jobs and unlocking their full creative and intellectual potential

  • Becoming a leader of leaders by paving the way for your team to grow exponentially, increase their impact, and disrupt their space. 


I help teams accomplish these benefits by providing the following services

  • Individual and team coaching, working with you to the end to achieve the best results. 

  • Speaking about the importance of different mindsets and transformative technologies to help startups and enterprises increase their business growth and impact. 


We will discuss how we can utilize this approach and tweak it to your needs and goals. 

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