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"If you are the leader of a tech company, you know there is a constant hunt for anything that can enhance your team's skills, speed, and efficiency. It's not just in the pursuit of a larger and more profitable business. You want your hard work and sacrifice to mean something that left an impact on the world."

Lately, however , there have been major changes in how we do business.

The widespread of COVID-19 and changes in our political and economic landscape are shaking up the old ways and revealing massive vulnerabilities. Because of this, we've likely had to make some very difficult decisions  in the past years, and financial security has become a luxury that few experience. I believe that businesses in technology disruption deserve better than this because the world needs us now more than ever.


I've also gone through difficult challenges that have required me to adapt in my previous roles at Microsoft, Amazon, and startup companies. Because of our mindset and how we framed our problems, we were using the wrong technologies for the wrong reasons. No matter how hard we tried, we didn't really achieve the exponential growth and fulfillment that we wanted out of our jobs.

It wasn’t until we learned the hard way that It's not about how hard you work with the current tools, it’s about opening your mind to new solutions. It was all about augmenting human abilities and intelligence with tools that can learn and memic how we think about certain tasks. 

After opening my eyes to this perspective, I founded a tech startup that uses AI in cloud-infrastructure. After fully applying this new approach, what seemed like a simple adjustment turned into a major career and life changes. My company went from a few hundred dollars in the bank to millions of dollars after getting the buy-in from our investors. 

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This strategy made such a remarkable difference in my life and my team and customers' lives that I knew I had to share this with others. After working with business and technical leaders at different company sizes, I developed a process I call the Proactive Process for achieving exponential growth with three main building blocks:


Having the right mindset for solving problems


Redefining team efficiency

Opening your mind to emerging smart tools and technologies.


When these three steps are implemented, adopted, and customized correctly, you see transformation benefits such as…


Creating a direct path to the exponential growth trajectory 


Giving your team more meaningful jobs and unlocking their full creative and intellectual potential


Becoming a leader of leaders by paving the way for your team to grow exponentially, increase their impact, and disrupt their space. 

I help teams accomplish these benefits by providing the following services


Individual and team coaching, working with you to the end to achieve the best results. 


Speaking about the importance of different mindsets and transformative technologies to help startups and enterprises increase their business growth and impact. 

I am passionate about helping people to push their limits so they can achieve their full potential.

I believe that being open to making mistakes and reinventing yourself are key elements to start with. Sharing my personal and others' experiences is part of my way to bring everyone together. I know true leaders have the desire to push forward and learn something new every day. These principles helped me to take my startup and team from the brink of failure to a significant growth trajectory in less than 9 months. That’s why I am confident I can help you get one step forward every day!  


Book a 30min zoom meeting with me to discuss what's holding you and your team back from reaching their full potential.

We will find ways to make your team smarter, agile, and innovative using a combination of the right mindset, technology, and processes. I will go over a 10 point checklist to see where you are strong, why there are opportunities and information, and how to get there. 

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