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Hello !
I'm Mohamed Ahmed
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I help entrepreneurs & startups THRIVE

Reaching the summit is harder than before!

Current market conditions add tremendous pressure on entrepreneurs and startups.

Founders must endure the startup journey and innovate faster with unconventional products

Startups must build solid business fundamentals to attract smart funding and the best talent.


Winners Know What it takes to THRIVE

Make competition irrelevant with blue-ocean strategies

Relentlessly reinvent themselves, their products, and their DNA to bring their strategy to life

Invest in themselves, business, and products to reach the future before everyone else

Bring the right team members to see around the corner and re-invent how business is done

I Set you up to be a Winner

Developing Business Strategy to forge a rewarding path

I help you find your north star, or at least make it clear, so that you can ......

Building Product Strategies that delivers value

We will work on product's bets, how to validate, reach PMF, and scale with PLG

Scaling customer acquisition (GTM) for strong business fundamentals

I'll work with you to build your funnel and acquisition strategy to scale your business & revenue

Bringing smart Capital. Create Exits!

I guide entrepreneurs and startups to source and land great funding deals.


How I work


Show you around the corner

Change how you work

We will be on this journey together. I advise founders and startups as they go through major milestones

I provide individual and group design sprints to solve specific scalability, leadership, and product challenges.

Challenge your mindset

In 1:1 coaching sessions, I push entrepreneurs to think differently to get unstuck and grow as leaders.

Venture Community

You are the average of your closest friends. I connect smart entrepreneurs with others who will elevate them.

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Worth a conversation?

Book a free introductory call

Can't wait to hear your story and entrepreneurial journey so far!


What I've Done

Founded & Sold Startups

I learned how to hire the best and set them on a growth path. My leadership principles created a great value for dozens of my teams

Hired and scaled teams

I started from a spark of an idea, raised millions of dollars, and exited with a great ROI.

Built Products from idea to $$

I took multiple products in cloud and security from ideas to businesses generating millions of dollars revenue.


Going through multiple acquisitions taught me how to prepare for an exit and maximize the value of the deal.

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