"Unlock the secrets of entrepreneurial success while exponentially growing."
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"Don't get swamped in despair. Build strength that will take you through that journey. Start your dream STRONG!" 

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Avoid the SWAM of Desperation!


Build strength to endure the many lows of the journey while growing. Despite the greatness of your goals and your experience. You will face the inevitable. You will have many lonely times, out-of-control events, and imminent failures

Learn in this workshop

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Step-by-step strategies to prepare your core entrepreneurial elements (Mind & Emotions - Family & Friends - Financial - Body - Spiritual)

Uncover internal factors that impact your ability to make sound decisions i.e Negative thoughts-emotions loop

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Tactics to build financial stability, enjoy your life while you grow. your entrepreneurial abilities. 

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Build strength and unlock your potentials

Assess your readiness with our entrepreneurial readiness score (ERS) system. Get an immediate personalized plan to launch your entrepreneurial journey.


The Entrepreneurial Readiness Score & Report

By the End of the session, you will also get a personalized conditioning report. You will get a 360-degree entrepreneurial readiness assessment. You will get detailed steps to condition yourself to unleash your entrepreneurial success.

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Know where you stand

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Get Personalized analysis
and Recommendations

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Create a plan

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How did I come up with this framework?

I spent the first half of my entrepreneurial journey doing everything wrong. Reading many books and taking formal education in entrepreneurship didn't save me. After talking to many mentors and experts, I realized I was out of balance. Instead of seeing opportunities to learn and grow, I saw reasons to fail. I changed my perspective and decided to bring myself out of that dark swamp of desperation.


I rebuilt my five core entrepreneurial elements: (1) Mental (2) Family & Friends, (3) Financial, (4) Spiritual, and (5) Physical. Opportunities started to open up. And I started to learn and grow. I made my challenges and obstacles my stepping stones to success.


I want you to grow and succeed without the pain that takes you out of balance.

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Is this workshop for a fee?

No, I'm sharing it for free to help as many entrepreneurs. I want to help others avoid mistakes that I did throughout my journey.

Is it a live session?

Yes, you will have a chance to ask questions and interact with me. As a matter of fact, we will have a couple of interactions together in the session.

Can I follow up with you after the session with my specific questions?

Of course! I'll share in the session how you can reach out and schedule a 1:1

Surviving the Entrepreneurial Journey Live Session

Sep 06, 8:00 AM PDT  - Online

A free workshop to learn how to condition yourself for success, become financially independent, and build the resiliency to overcome all odds.

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