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Rewriting Our

digital DNA

How AI Will Reinvent Software Development And Operations?


To Rethink Software Development And Operations.

Will Allow Us To Develop Software Much Faster And Run It Exponentially More Efficiently, Reliably, And Securely.

Rewriting Our Digital DNA

rewriting our digital DNA - how AI will

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You Will Learn

  • Why the current tools and ways of developing software are crippling our progress

  • Which areas should we reconsider to develop cloud-based software?

  • How can you use AI exponentially improve your software development and operations?

  • What is holding us back from enabling the next wave of AI to augment our engineering efforts to build the next generation of software systems? 

  • The best ways to design and incorporate AI to help teams and organizations scale and accelerate their ability to writ end maintain software. 

  • Steps that teams and organizations should follow using AI to unlock their full potential

How AI will reinvent software development and operations

A book is for Leaders, Engineers, and entrepreneurs who want to exponentially accelerate their teams and organization innovation. 

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