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Multicore Computing

Moore's law is becoming to an end very quickly. Until we figure out Quantum computing, multi-core and horizontal scaling of our microprocessors is the answer!


Have a deep dive with this book into multicore architectures

multicore computing - a book by Mohamed

Rewriting Our Digital DNA

How AI Will Reinvent Software Development And Operations

Our tools are now shifting from being passive to becoming smart and continuously learning from us. We have been using AI in many fields. Although Software is now at the core of almost everything around us, we haven't understood and leveraged AI well enough in how we write and operate software and IT infrastructure. 

Get regular updates and early access to the book.

rewriting our digital DNA - book cover


There Has To Be A Different Way

A struggle that engineers go through every single day!

Are We Heading Off Of A Cliff?

The consequences of infrastructure as code

When AI Failed Us

DevOps Lessons from Boeing 737 Max Crashes

AIOps Is Dead. Here Is What's Next

We need to think of a new breed of tools focused on augmenting engineering intelligence.

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