• Mohamed F. Ahmed

Do You Want To Hire a Ninja, a Jedi, or a Pirate

When it comes to scaling excellence from a founder, to a small, to a mediums sized team, and a large corporation, hiring is your core process! NOT Innovation!

You want to make sure you hire employees who are pre-wired to be accountable and bought into your mission. For a good example, see the below image of what Amundsen posted when he wanted to recruit men for his South Pole Expedition in 1910. He went back successfully with ZERO losses in his crew. They were not after money or fame!

So, the first thing you should deeply think about after you get your startup funding is your hiring process. Do you need to hire a Ninja, a Jedi, or a Pirate?

A Ninja is person who is really good at what he does. For example, do you need a skillful programmer to build exactly what you asked for in a very short time and reliable enough?

A Jedi is a person who requires very little supervision. He goes and fix the real problem rather than taking his boss's ask for granted. He is a deep thinker and gets problems solved!

A pirate takes a lot of risk and always wants to step into a new territory. Once this person has a strong belief in your mission and vision, he will usually surprise you with how far he can go with it.

Your first team sets the culture of the company and you want to make sure that you have the right balance of these as you move forward. For example, in a technology startup I would mix a Ninja software engineers as my working horse power with a more senior Jedi like ones. My product manager need to be a pirate since he should push the team to go beyond their boundaries and be creative about new features and how are customers will use it.


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