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[A chance to connect with the most respected VCs and Accelerators...]


The 15-Day Startup Fundraising Challenge 



Start Date




Online Cohort - based  Course

Next Monday


Daily Self-paced


"The foolproof way to FINALLY get your startup funded"

The Rock Solid Path to lands investors’ terms sheets for your startup in 15-days or Less (even if you’ve tried and failed!)


An online 15-Day Challenge Course to...

💥 Be ready to fundraise from top tier investors in 15 days or less.

💸 Craft your message based on how investors (VCs) decide to fund a startup. 

🧭 Build the startup’s key success elements, such as go-to-market, competition, and the business model. 

💪 Start your entrepreneurial journey & build something amazing.

Meet Mo ...


- Mo

"We raised millions of dollars - built a multi-million dollar business, with a great exit!"

Course Outline


The 15-day challenge is an email-based course. Each day has specific instructions, explanations, and downloadable materials that take you step-by-step through the process of crafting your message and your presentation (aka pitch deck). 


At the end of the 15 days, you will have a solid message and presentation (pitch deck) ready to fundraise from investors (and venture capitalists).

So how does it work?

15 Days Of Step-By-Step Action plans

A daily email of specific to-dos. You never miss a beat!

No confusion ever. 

I bring my support. You bring your discipline & smarts!

An award-winning pitch deck with all the secret ingredients required to get funded.

Module 01

Day 1 - 5

The Anatomy of an Elevator Pitch

Create, test and refine your core value proposition statement

Module 02

Day 5 - 10

Build the Pitch


Outline and present the strongest aspects of your startup in simple yet powerful slides

Module 03

Day 10 - 15

Craft a Captivating Storyline

Connect your pitch deck slides with a strong storyline to get investors’ buy in

Want the full picture?

Download the detailed day-by-day course outline for the 15 - Days Pitch Deck Challenge

In addition, we will have weekly live sessions...

Answering all your questions

Providing live tips and tricks presenting each slide to investors

Sharing additional resources to get VC meetings

(Bonus) Reviewing one pitch deck live with everyone.


An award-winning

pitch deck!


Lots of bonus services including Branding - Go-to-Market - Consultancy - VCs Introductions


1:1 Review with Mo and the Cohort

Cohort Experience with people alike

15 Days in, and you're out with a killer value proposition, message, & presentation that sells!!

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"It works!"


No more talking!
Step into the rare world of 1% of businesses that actually get funded.

Let's do this!


Don't let this opportunity slip away! Take advantage of our exclusive discount and start working towards launching your dream startup today.



For Only $49.99 & For a Limited Time Only...
Get Started!
15-Day Money-back Guarantee.
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Still have questions?

Book a 15 minute meeting with Mo.

No strings attached!



  • What is a 15-Day Startup Pitch Deck Challenge?
    It is an online course designed to make you work on your dream startup pitch deck every day for 15 days. It is an alternative way to going through a self-paced course to drive accountability and specific steps to build a killer pitch deck quickly. You can use the 15-day challenge to work on your startup messaging and pitch deck regardless of the domain of your startup.
  • Why Commit to a 15-Day Startup Pitch Deck Challenge?
    One of the best ways to be an entrepreneur is through discipline. With no deadlines, many entrepreneurs postpone their dreams until they give up. If you are struggling to make real progress and prioritize your startup, this paced course will not only get your pitch deck done in 15 days, it will help you build the habit of working daily on building your dream!
  • Who is This Course For?
    Entrepreneurs working on startups Startup founders who is planning for fundraising Business owners who wanted to make it big Graduate who wanted to startup
  • Can Mo answer my specific questions while building my pitch deck?
    Yes! I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your idea and startup. Some of the emails will ask you, in fact, to respond to me with your thoughts. I’ll review them and respond with my answers and guidance. Also, I’ll be holding a weekly session for your cohort to answer questions in real-time and share some tips and tricks.
  • Do I get lifetime access to the downloadable resources?
    Yes, and any updates that take place to them as well.
  • What if I can’t finish my pitch deck in 15 days?
    No problem. You can still ask me questions over email after the challenge is done.
  • Do I have to have my idea validated before starting with this course?
    No. You need to just come up with an idea. As a matter of fact, I will share a few ways to validate if your idea is an investable idea and can grow really big or not. The course is not about how to validate if your customers would buy your product/service or not. But you will build a solid understanding about the viability of your idea with the structure of the pitch deck that you will learn and the questions that you need to answer.
  • Do I have to have a working product or prototype before I get started with this course?
    No. It is not required to have a working product or prototype. The framework focuses on the core business aspects of building a billion-dollar startup, which savvy investors focus on. I recommend you validate your business idea before committing your money and effort to the technology or building a sophisticated product.
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